Thursday, 13 October 2011

District Governor visits Estevan Rotarians

Rotary Club of Estevan members received an update on district and international goals when district governor Eva Vida attended a meeting earlier this month.
Membership is her top priority for this year. She would like to see each club increase by at least one member this year; she applauded the local club for its desire to grow by at least two.
“While membership month for Rotary may be designated as August, membership really is a full-time job, and we continue to focus on opportunities for us to bring on more people who are like-minded, who want to serve the world and the local community,” said Vida.
Other goals are to encourage support for the Rotary Foundation, and to further polio eradication efforts. Each Rotarian is urged to donate $100 each year to the Rotary Foundation; she lauded members of the local club for their average support of more than $200.
As for polio, four countries remain endemic: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Nigeria has seen a 50 per cent reduction in the number of cases, while India hasn't had a new reported case since January of this year.
Vida's district encompasses most of Saskatchewan, all of Manitoba and part of northwest Ontario.

Originally from Hungary, her family immigrated to Canada when she was a teenager. Her theme for this year: “Peace, the Power of One.”
This year's Rotary International president, Kalyan Banerjee, has tremendous energy, Vida said, and he wants Rotarians to be introspective, to see what they have to offer to world peace and the betterment of humanity. The theme is "Reach Within to Embrace Humanity."
“He further talked about the theme, or described the theme, as an opportunity for us to look within, to understand that all of humanity has similar dreams, similar hopes, the same aspirations and similar problems,” said Vida.
Three areas of focus this year are family, continuity and change. Banerjee believes that the core of every family is a mother and a child, and a good family is the building block of a good community, country and world. But it's hard to have a good family when you can't afford food or medication.Banerjee has encouraged projects that consider basic human rights and improving the well-being of others.Vida encouraged the local club to meet the continuity goal by continuing with what they have been doing well.“Your club has been around for a while,” said Vida. “It is growing and vibrant. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to meet with your board to review some of the things that you have been involved with in the support of your community.”Change is inevitable, she said, and the club has to be prepared to change that which isn't working.
Vida hopes to see as many people from the local Rotary club as possible at the district convention in Winnipeg from June 7 to 10, 2012.
Also during her visit, she met with local executive members to find out what the local club is doing in Estevan, presented a district governor's banner to our president, Tyler Knibbs, and handed over a 30-year perfect attendance pin to Eric Pullam.

1) District governor Eva Vida spoke at a Rotary Club meeting recently.
2) President Tyler Knibbs accepted a district governor's banner from Eva Vida.
3) Eva Vida presented a 30-year perfect attendance pin to Eric Pullam.

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