Friday, 16 March 2012

Report from PETS training

Thanks to Rotarian Brian Pilloud for filing this report from the President Elect Training Seminar...

On March 2 - 4 both Cory Prokop (Vice President) and I (President Elect) attended the District training held in Russell, MB. The program consisted of meeting District and Zone reps, brainstorming ideas with other incoming club Presidents as well delivery of a great deal of information on various Rotary programs. Speakers ranged from the District Governor, the District Governor Elect, 3 district trainers from clubs in our district as well as 3 Rotarians involved heavily in Rotary in our Zone (Zone 24 is actually all of Canada and Russia east of the Ural mountains). Very interesting and dynamic individuals! At times, the shear volume of information provided to me was a bit intimidating considering I've been in Rotary for 11+ years and felt that I knew a fair bit about Rotary. That being said, the District trainers and Executive are trying to share as much as possible to assist Rotarians like me get prepared. Some Past Presidents in our club highly recommended that Vice Presidents attend the training in addition to President Elects (just like Cory did this year). I never did that and I highly recommend it to future Presidents. I received some very valuable tools to use during my term as Rotary President in 2012-2013 (some of those items require my attention right now and not in July 2012!). I'm certain I will find the tools invaluable during the next 12 - 18 months. One thing that stands out for me from the training is the opportunity to meet and network with other incoming Presidents of other clubs. I've come to learn that the Estevan club shares many of the same challenges that other clubs do. I can also say, with much certainty, that our club is very well organized, well run and does a great service to our local community and to Rotary International projects. Some of the key messages or events that I am sharing with the club (and will continue to share over the coming weeks and months) are:
Rotary Theme for 2012-2013 PEACE THROUGH SERVICE
District Assemblies Upcoming Regina March 31, Winnipeg April 14, Saskatoon April 21

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